Time is money

Helping our customers to avoid stopping their daily work is important to us. Accessories, spare parts and service must be readily available, at competitive prices. So it is for our customers and the same goes for us.

Welcome to KTI Sverige AB

We offer maintenance, service and products in public transport, cleaning, stitching and shoemaking.

KTI wants to create the right conditions for our customers to run their respective operations cost-effectively and time-saving by always offering relevant services and products produced in-house within Sweden.

Delivering quality is very important to us

At KTI Sverige AB we often find ourselves at the centre of events and are used to working and delivering quality even under pressure. There cannot be any delays to our customers’ timetables. If a bus bellows breaks, we go out to the customer’s garage or depot to service and repair it. Our own tailoring workshop, our own bellows production and our own mechanics ensure that we are well prepared to go out whenever our customers need help.

Looking out through a bus window at another bus.

Environmental awareness permeates our whole business.

The company’s impact on the environment should be as small as possible; We work for continuous development and look out for new ‘green’ methods and technology.

We invest heavily in automation and our tailoring machines cut the fabrics with the aid of computers to minimise wastage. Any waste that remains is exported and recycled for use in shoe production, for example.

Shoemaker repairing a shoe.
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