Public transport

Swedish commuter train at station.

Products & services

KTI Sverige AB offers products, accessories and spare parts, newly manufactured and used for vehicles in public transport.

Helping our customers to avoid stopping their daily work is important to us. Accessories, spare parts and service must be readily available, at competitive prices. So it is for our customers and so it is for us.

We offer maintenance, service and products for buses and trains. We are resellers of furnishings and accessories from large and well-known brands and have a stock of used for sale. We manufacture seat covers and perform repairs and maintenance of vehicle interiors for vehicles in public transport.

To minimize disruptions in our customers' production, we have knowledgeable mechanics and offer on-site service.

For us, quality and delivery are important.

Service for public transport

At KTI Sverige AB we often find ourselves at the centre of events and are used to working and delivering quality even under pressure. There cannot be any delays to our customers’ timetables. If a bus bellows breaks, we go out to the customer’s garage or depot to service and repair it. Our own tailoring workshop, our own bellows production and our own mechanics ensure that we are well prepared to go out whenever our customers need help.

Classic blue seats on a commuter train in Sweden.

Security and education

The employees within KTI who are to carry out the work at a bus or railway depot receive training in the form of the course "track and tunnel authorization", which is aimed at people who are to enter SL's track areas.

When we work at a bus or railway depot, all KTI employees always wear warning clothes; high-visibility workwear, with KTI's logo. In addition, each employee carries protective equipment intended for the purpose and identification from KTI.

In connection with the commencement of the work, KTI's supervisor submits a list to the representative of the client, of which personnel from KTI are on site to carry out the work.

Employees of KTI works with cleaning a bus stop.

Climate-smart supplier

KTI is a reseller of driver seats from Grammer, ISRI and Recaro, and provides repair, servicing and re-covering for these. We supply original parts and fittings for DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Solaris, VDL, Volvo and others. By also renovating bus fittings and driver seats, we can help our customers to think economically and make climate-smart choices. We keep stocks of spare parts for bus interiors, both new and used.

We clean, repair, restore and re-cover cushions for passenger seats and can offer a fast and convenient service because we keep stocks of our customers’ fabrics. We also stock rear-view mirrors for all leading makes of bus, train and truck, and accessories such as armrests, flag posts and curtains. We can deliver all over Sweden.

KTI is a fabric retailer of Herbert Kneitz GmbH, Austria:

In stock are also rear-view mirrors for all leading bus, train and truck manufacturers as well as accessories such as armrests, flagpoles and curtains. Deliveries can be made all over Sweden.

Reflection on a bus window.

Buy climate-smart spare parts!

As part of our environmental work we also offer used and renovated spare parts. In some cases you can save up to 60 per cent on certain products. Our experience shows that a renovated spare part can be of the same high quality as a new one. Our warehouse holds a wide stock of most products. The spare parts that we renovate are bought from sub-contractors who generally comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

At KTI we also sell renovated driver and passenger seats. In our own workshop we repair driver seats and replace mechanical wear parts, heating elements and covers, whatever the make and model. It is an economical and climate-smart alternative to buying new.

Two red buses parked on a row.
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