Products for public service vehicles

KTI Sverige AB provides new and used products, accessories and spare parts for public transport vehicles. 

We often find ourselves at the centre of events and are used to working and delivering quality even under pressure. We know that time is money, and we know that delays and stoppages in the timetable for maintenance and servicing cost money. So we go out to our customer’s garage or depot, carry out servicing or repairs and fix bus bellows and floors that have cracked. 

In our tailoring workshop we have our own production of articulated bus bellows, we provide our own mechanics and can be there quickly if a bus bellows needs fixing. 

As a reseller of driver seats from Grammer, ISRI and Recaro, KTI can also provide repair, servicing and re-covering for these. You can also buy original parts and fittings for DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Solaris, VDL, Volvo and others. 

We keep stocks of spare parts for bus interiors, both new and used. We clean, repair, restore and re-cover cushions for passenger seats and can offer a fast and convenient service because we keep stocks of our customers’ fabrics. We also stock rear-view mirrors for all leading makes of bus, train and truck, and accessories such as armrests, flag posts and curtains. 

A prerequisite for running an efficient and competitive business is suppliers who deliver on time and provide good quality. It is also important to have a healthy attitude to the environment and a good employee culture with a good working environment and diversity. 

Our range of products helps our customers to think economically and make climate-smart choices.
Needless to say, we deliver all over Sweden.