New and used articulated bus bellows

At KTI we appreciate time-saving measures and efficiency. That is why we offer our customers ‘on site’ servicing of articulated bus bellows. Our mechanics will come out to your garage or depot and fix the bellows at times that suit you best, to avoid disrupting your production. Please ask us for a service agreement, to further minimise the risk of sudden breaks in production. 

Our ‘on site’ servicing of articulated bus bellows reduces downtime for your bus to a minimum. Our work starts with cleaning and visual inspection, then we produce a fault report and draw up an action plan. Where necessary, we replace the bottom part of the bellows, deal with hanging lower bellows and repair holes. We check aluminium profiles and can cut new profile sections if necessary.


Buy our bellows kit and do the work yourself


The pack contains: A - Bellows fabric (2) with 8 holes for aluminium profiles. B - Aluminium profiles (16). C - Rubber seals (2). D - Plastic rivets (128). E - Clip-on seal 2m + 1.4m. F - Accessories, ordered separately from KTI: Corner profile and Edging strip.