Clean, undamaged work shoes and boots are at least as important for well-being, hygiene and comfort as work clothes. A properly-fitting and well-made shoe or boot should last a long time. To get more benefit from your investment in a good work shoe, regular expert maintenance by a proper shoemaker is important. 

KTI prolongs the life of your work shoes. We offer regular service, repair and reconditioning. Don’t throw out shoes that could last a lot longer. Gather up the safety shoes, work shoes and boots that need an overhaul, and we will collect them for service and repair. 

KTI’s service includes: 

  • Repairs 
  • Heeling 
  • Soling 
  • Replacement zips (on bags too) 
  • Repairs to special shoes, such as curling boots 

KTI runs one of Sweden’s most up-to-date shoemaking workshops and has regular jobs from private individuals as well as companies and large organisations with demanding requirements for durable shoes, including the armed forces, various industries, security companies and hospitals.