Large state-of-the-art tailoring workshop

At KTI we are proud of our tailoring workshop, which is one of the largest and most up-to-date in Sweden. Here we can sew, repair and alter items to order from our customers. The workshop’s customers include all public transport operators in Sweden. We cut and sew covers for driver and passenger seats, sew curtains and make new bellows for articulated buses. Our tailors can sew fittings for buses and boats, planes and trains. 

We are well aware of the high environmental and safety demands in public transport and follow developments within the EU in these areas. That means constant adaptation of materials, production and equipment standards to meet the latest requirements. KTI has a high level of automation with many advanced machines. We optimise the cutting of fabrics in our latest cutting machine from Gerber, which plans with great precision the best way to cut to get the most out of the cloth. Our large volumes give us economies of scale and we can take responsibility for the whole material process in one order, at a competitive price. 

The tailoring workshop also sews fittings for public buildings. We re-cover seats for theatres, cinemas, conference facilities, offices, churches and similar premises. We can also sew or alter your own clothes.